New partnership with the WVS

TrustGov is delighted to announce a new partnership agreement has been signed with the World Values Survey Association.

Under the agreement, TrustGov will contribute by supporting WVS 7th wave surveys in around a dozen countries, selected as developing societies from all world regions which are currently without resources for conducting the survey . The selected countries are Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Vietnam, the Philippines, Algeria, Bahrain, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, and Tajikistan. The Call for Tenders will be announced at


The WVS survey contains an extensive series of items measuring interpersonal trust, confidence in a wide range of national institutions, and trust in the agencies of global governance. By expanding coverage to many countries it is hoped to deepen our knowledge of how trust varies around the globe.

The dataset for the EVS/WVS-7 will be released in 2020.